Taking Ownership

Have you ever noticed that we tend to treat things differently when we know that it is ours as opposed to someone else’s?  For example, if you were to stay in a hotel suite would there be an incentive to make your bed or to tidy up the place?  What if you were to go to a restaurant, would there be any incentive to clear the table?  There is no need to do that because you know that someone else is paid to be responsible for making the bed and for clearing the table.

We tend to place special treatment over things that are our own.  Perhaps it is knowing that we own something, perhaps it holds a sentimental value, or maybe it is because you worked hard for it.  The challenge is learning to see our personal finances in the same light.

In recovery, people go to recovery groups for various reasons; maybe their significant other, close friend, pastor, or therapist told them they should go.  However, the ones that keep going and the ones that stay the course are the ones that decided for themselves that this is something they want to do; the same goes for personal finances.

We each have to decide on taking ownership of our own personal finances.  If we don’t, someone else will make the decisions for us.  This could be the advertising and marketing we see in media that makes us think we need to purchase a certain product, it could be relatives that want us to cosign for a loan, or it could be the IRS garnishing your wages to pay a tax debt that you owe.

The best time to start taking ownership is now.


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